Monday, May 25, 2015

In The Ground

Gardening has been my focus for the past few weekends.

For my birthday my parents bought me a rhododendron to replace an ornamental tree (I'm drawing a blank on the name as I type)  that was planted on the side of my front door when I moved in. To be honest it was never my favorite and no tears were shed when it did not survive the winter.  Tears were, however, just about shed digging up the damn roots of said tree.

The dead plant's roots. Ugh.

Long story short, I now have a new, pretty flowering rhododendron just outside my front door.

I also picked up a mock orange bush. I am a sucker for anything that flowers with a pretty scent. This plant has it in spades.  The plan was to plant the new bush outside some of my piano windows, so when I opened them in the Spring, the smell of orange blossoms will waft in my house.

The spot where I initially thought the mock orange would go.

Where it ended up going.
Next, there is my vegetable garden. In past years my garden has been all about tomatoes. But, for the past two years my tomatoes have struggled. So, I decided a change was in order. This year my garden will be all about beans, radishes, basil, dill and cilantro.

Yes, my lawn needs to be mowed.
Then there is the little plant stand on the side of my house where I plant some of my herbs. This year it will be filled with basil.

And finally, there is the front window box. Every year I try out a different flower combination. This year I decided to go old school with a mix of colored geraniums. I also planted some parsley in between the flowers. It make a nice filler and is convenient to snip for use in the kitchen.

Props to my pink Zoya nail polish that lasted through all the plants unscathed.

You may note that the index finger is the one I just about chopped off a few years ago with my hedge trimmer.

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