Friday, October 10, 2014


So, I had the upstairs old storm windows down. What to do next?

I have some wood storms and screen sets that are original to my house. I change those out seasonally.

I have three new wood storms and screen sets in my upstairs dormer that I change out seasonally.

I have two new wood storms in the front of my house that I leave in year round.

I have two vintage screens salvaged from a neighbor who was preparing to toss them that are currently in windows while I decide what I want to do there.

And I have looked at the Marvin combination storms.

I waffled on what to do for a while, but cold weather is coming so I knew I had to make a decision.  I knew I did not want to change out those second floor storms, so a traditional set of wood storms and screens was out.  I refused to put in a new metal storm window; it had to be wood. I was also hoping for the option to have full screen in the summer not that my restored double hung sashes open both on the top and bottom.

There is a shop locally that I knew made wood framed storms with a combination window inset. So, I decided to pay them a visit.

The storms they make are quite expensive, but pretty impressive. The owner even showed me how to remove the top glass panel and replace it with a screen insert leaving the storm with a full screen for summer use. I swooned a little.

I bit the bullet and bought two of them. They came primed, so all I had to do was paint them and install.

I love them.

Reminder of what I started with.


spayurdog said...

Wow--those are beautiful! Approximately how much are they, (if you don't mind sharing)? I have only 2 screens I can change out in living and dining rooms, the rest of windows stay closed :( and have ugly metal combinations in bedrooms. I'm really interested in these!

StuccoHouse said...

Spay - You can see the pricing on the link (bottom of their website). I paid $385.99 each. They had just received a 10+ order and were able to add mine to that order for the quantity discount. I really do like them.

spayurdog said...

Thank you!

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