Sunday, September 14, 2014

A New Color

Okay, so here is the house painted.  The color, if you can believe it, is Benjamin Moore "Barley." It is a wheaty color that somehow comes off as bright yellow in the sun and some photos.  Note the rafter tails that were previously repaired.

I used Varsity Painters and they did a crazy good job of removing all of the old paint, including this bizarre cement/paint combo that was sprayed over the entire house back in the 1950's (you have heard about this in past posts and it will be featured in future stucco posts). Anyone that has read this blog for a while knows I am p-i-c-k-y- about paint removal. I have been know to use a dental pick out there removing paint.

I asked them to use Peel Bond as the primer and then Benjamin Moore for the two top coats. They did all of the fascia, the underside of all the eaves, and the two upstairs window frames.

I completed the front entryway a while ago and I have been working my way around the bottom windows (and replacing the aluminum storms). So, that work on the lower windows frames will continue....

Below is a photo of the just painted rafter tails and underside of the eaves that I included as a "before" in my last post.

Of course now that the wood is painted, it highlights to work to be done in the stucco....and the black cherry bush next to the boxwood that had to be seriously cut back when a main branch died.

I have some serious upstairs windows updates coming shortly.....

You can't see mush painting in this photo  (the painters did not do the window frames), but you can see the newly exposes rafter tails. I'm leaving the gutters down this winter and will decide what to do gutterwise in the Spring. I'm thinking half-round at this point. That may change.
You can see the stucco issues in this photo (along with the new paint). The line on the stucco marks where the old aluminum soffit used to hit the house. So, what you see there is a combo of dirty stucco and the bizarre cement/paint job.
Here's a photo taken earlier in the day that shows the paint very yellow.

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spayurdog said...

That looks beautiful! I'm envious :)

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