Sunday, August 31, 2014


Yesterday I was out-and-about in Minneapolis and noticed as I drove by that Junket was having a sale, so I swerved into a parking place and went to see what treasures they had.

The place has expanded since the last time I was there. It is now two full rooms upstairs and a basement.

I found two nice, solid pairs of scissors ($7 each which is expensive, but I liked them). I bought three red faucet handles to make into hanging hooks (I just noticed now that I have two of one design and the third is an oddball).  And then in the basement I spotted this small medicine cabinet for $22.  Quite a deal.

I have been planning to eventually put a powder room into my upstairs. It will be a tiny room and I think this will fit perfectly. Yet another stripping project.

Watch for a longer post soon. I have been *very* busy this past week on the house and have much to tell.


JC said...

Oooh, that little cabinet should look nice stripped. I have a feeling it's got nice "flashed copper" hinges.

spayurdog said...

Still following you, Stucco, and can't wait to hear more!

StuccoHouse said...

JC - and I'm guessing nickle. We'll see :)

Spayurdog - Thanks for the comment :) Much activity (of course the pending cold somehow gets me motivated)

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