Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Screening

I had a window screen that fell apart last winter when I was pulling out the screens and replacing them with the storm windows. I put it down in the basement with the other screens and completely forgot about it until I started to pull out the storm windows again this Spring.

The cool thing about vintage houses is that most of the items in the house were meant to be repaired rather than replaced when they broke.  The only trick now-a-days it to find the proper materials.  I ran down to the local big box store and immediately found replacement screen. Finding the three bead wood screen trim took a little more searching, but I eventually found a stash.

I pulled off the broken trim and the old screen just crumbled in my hands. I was surprised to see that under the screen the wood had not been primed (you can see remnants of the green color the storms were once painted). So, I sanded down the wood and treated it with some borate. Once that dried, I primed the entire face, added the new screen, and topped it off with the new trim.

Very easy with the exception of using my damned electric brad nailer. I use this nailer when short brads are needed. It has a finicky "safety feature" on the tip.  You need to push down as hard as possible on the gun, pull the trigger and then just hold it. Sometimes is shoots out a nail, sometimes it doesn't. It's a lesson in patience.

I then painted the whole thing. Good as new.

The best paint brushes on planet earth for cutting in paint.

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