Saturday, November 23, 2013


I've been continuing to work on my bathroom medicine cabinet.  It finally got too cold to work outside, but I was able to get it stripped down to clean wood and treat it with borate before hauling it back inside and down to my basement.

I also took out the mirror as I started to strip the door and set it aside. I didn't want to damage the glass accidentally by breaking it or etching it with chemicals.  One weekend I got particularly motivated and located a local company to re-silver the mirror. I figured while I had it out, I may as well make it all pretty again.  The place I ended up using was Alchemy Mirror Resilvering.  I dropped it off and 10 days later they called me to pick up the mirror.  Total cost with just shy of $45.

I had a nice talk with the owner of the company when I picked up the mirror. He recognized the original manufacturer of the mirror by the numbers on the back (2-222) and was able to tell me it was made in 1920. I always like to chat with these people that work on one aspect of restoring old things. We chatting for a while about how these old pieces were meant to be repaired rather than replaced. I carefully transported my mirror back home and it has been sitting on my living room floor ever since waiting for the rest of the cabinet to come together.

Today I spent some time finish sanding the piece and I primed the door frame.  I also picked up some paint for the interior of the cabinet - the cabinet will be white and the back wall of the interior will be light blue.

Here is the cabinet fully stripped and treated with borate ready for primer.

Ignore the full trash can.  This is the cabinet door frame primed. The mirror is housed in this.

Here is the back of my newly re-silvered mirror.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Happy Coincidence

My mom gave me a jar with old skeleton keys and a bunch of old bottle openers she wanted to get rid of. She knows I like those kind of things.

The keys were most likely from my grandmother's house.  So, I took them home and on a whim tried them in one of the interior doors of my house. They worked.

Over the years I have tried a bunch of old skeleton keys and none of them worked. These fit exactly.

I'm liking the old bottle openers too.

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