Saturday, September 28, 2013

On The Level

I thought I'd be able to get this project done in a weekend.  Well, that didn't happen.  I discovered bricks are a pain in the neck to calculate, buy, haul out to the car and then into the back yard.  They are even more of a pain in the neck to get into the ground level.  And don't get me started on leveling sand....

There was a point mid way through this project when I even got whiny.  In my defense it was a really hot day, I found myself 3 bricks short, and the guy at Home Depot kept trying to sell me play sand when I asked for polymeric sand.

Anyway, here is is.  My grill had been standing in the grass for many years. It got to the point that the wheels were so sunk in, that it was almost impossible to move. But, no more.

Yes, I still need to trim the weed fabric.

I went out in the rain today to take these photos. Because I'm that kind of blogger. Ha.

1 comment:

NV said...

Very nice! Can relate to your pain on all levels. :-)

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