Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Downspout

One of the previous owners of my house planted three lilac trees in a row along the side of my house.  In the Spring is smells very nice over on that side of the house, and the trees do a nice job of hiding the side yard.

A few weeks ago we had a huge storm come through with really strong winds. I had never experienced anythings like that in all my years living here.  While I was busy worrying about one of the huge, ancient oak trees in my back yard coming of my lilac trees snapped off at the trunk.

This left a gaping hole and a clear view into my side yard. And while my side yard garden is nice (azalea, lilies, rose and clematis), my downspout is not.  It is really ugly.

You can see what remains of the trunk in the photos.

Even though new gutters are in the future, the downspout ugliness bugged me so much that I went out a few days ago and painted it (and pulled those weeds)

Much better.

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