Friday, August 09, 2013

A Storm Door For All Seasons

The screen door on the front of my house is salvaged.  Some of you may not have lived through that saga as it took place a few years ago. At any rate, that door originally came with a glass inset panel.  If there was a screen insert it was long gone.  I wanted a screen insert.

It seemed like a pretty easy thing to knock off my to-do list, so a few weekends ago I went down to my friendly, local hardware store (Diamond Lake Ace Hardware) and talked to the guy that makes my wood frame storm windows.  He was pretty sure he would be able to make a screen inset panel for me.  I decided to duplicate the three sections that are part of the original glass insert.  And he told me that he would use that oh-so-cute three beaded wood trim that is normally found on vintage screen windows.

So not so long ago, I went and picked up my new screen insert. It turned out very well.  Only glitch I had was painting it; painting near screening is a nightmare.  If I had to do it over again, I would ask to be able to prime and paint the frame before the screen is attached.

The hardware on the door attaches the panel on both sides. You twist the hardware and lock it in place to hold the panel.  So when I got the panel home, I had to use my Dremel to make the grooves on each side for the hardware.

You can see the new insert leaning against the wall....and on the side the existing glass insert.


Anonymous said...

I also need a new storm door screen. About what was the cost.
Enjoy you posts!

StuccoHouse said...

I paid a little over $200 for the insert. The addition of the three divided sections added a lot to the cost. If it had been one sheet of screen, I think the cost would have been closer to $150. The time consuming part with the stepped edge that holds the door in place. I only paid $25 for the storm door itself (with the original glass insert), so I kept that in mind. The yin and yang of old house restoration.

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