Monday, July 15, 2013

Raised Cubes

I'm going to cruise through a bunch of projects in order to get you up to speed. This is what happens when you follow a Blog whose owner briefly loses her drive to blog. My apologies. I will try to do better. Honestly.

A few months ago my parents surprised me with a very early birthday present of two raised garden beds. The raised beds expanded my workable garden scape significantly. Which worked out nicely because my strawberries and asparagus both have aspirations of taking over the world....or at least my back yard.

For the record, each one of those 8 cubes takes 3 - 40 pound bags of dirt. It was a test of will hauling that dirt through the store, to my car, out of my car, and to the garden. That's a whole lot of dirt. But I really, really wanted basil.

These photos were taken a month or so ago.  Right now I'm in the throes of a cilantro, basil, dill boom.

I still need to haul home some mulch to fill in around the beds.  Right now you can see the oh-so-attractive weed fabric.


Pat said...

Glad to see you are still renovating (& posting) again. Is there some way to email you to ask questions/opinions on my own renovation? 1924 Gordon-Van Tine farmhouse bungalow kit home. Trying to get psyched to work on the exterior & failing...

StuccoHouse said...

Pat - I am extremely poor at replying to emails, but if you post in the comments of my blog I promise to respond! You would have the added benefit of possible responses from other old house junkies. Farm house, bungalow AND kit house....very cool! I have found sometimes you just need to start working and the enthusiasm will follow. I will admit, thought, that I have completed plenty of projects for which I remained totally un-psyched for the duration.

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