Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Look Up

I've introduced you to my hallway before.  Actually, I've introduced you to the doors of my hallway.  There are a lot of them.  But, what I haven't mentioned before is there is also a lot of wall space.  Albeit above the doors.

I have also talked about my collection of vintage Minneapolis postcards.

One day I found myself staring up at all the empty wall space and it dawned on me.  That would be the perfect spot to display my collection of postcards.  So, I've started moving the postcards I have framed, up there.  And as I add frames, up they go.

The doors are looking good too, aren't they?


veggiegirl216 said...

Ha! You really are a kindred spirit:) I am also making use of transom space for my multitude of collections(postcards, cabinet cards, antique China). I too, am a purist, and so glad I found your blog. My house is a 1924 colonial with arts and crafts features-and we have the same doors throughout our house. We just scored a bank of 1924 uppers(cabinets) for our kitchen. We uncovered original maple floors back in March and I was euphoric! We are doing a historically pure restoration :)

Love, love, love your house!

Pat said...

The doors are looking fabulous! I know just how hard it is to fix them up too. I did the attic one when it was off for the floor refinishing. So far it's the only one I've done. Guess I haven't gotten over the trauma yet. I have one of those halls with all the doors too, except mine is 3'6" x 7' and has 6 doors. The only wall revealed is the tiny bumpout for the attic stairs. It's efficient!

StuccoHouse said...

Veggiegirl - Certainly sounds like we have a lot in common. How lucky were you to have found cabinets that fit your house....I looked for years before I gave up an had one built. I love maple floors.

Pat - The doors did turn out well. They weren't awful condition when I started, but it certainly took a lot of time to remove paint drops and bring the finish back to life. Doors-wise, my next project is both a bathroom door and a door for a bedroom closet. One had been stripped of paint and needs to be painted and the other still needs to be stripped of paint. Not looking forward to that.

pat said...

I sent out my bathroom door for stripping and to repair the doorknob area. When my restoration doorknob choice turned out to be a bust, I ended up using a doorknob from a spare in the attic and they had to chisel out the repair. Ugh. The door was put back up before I got around to staining it and now it seems like I'll never get it done. On the round tuit list. :)

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