Saturday, February 16, 2013


For whatever reason I'm having trouble getting back into the swing of posting.  Apologies for the delay between posts.  I also hope that I am not boring you to tears with my trip.  I'll get back to house stuff soon.

After I left Rovaniemi, Finland, I headed south by train to Kuopio.  I really wanted to head as far East as I could and get close to the Russian border, but I discovered train service to that area was wanting.  Instead, I opened my guidebook and randomly chose a city.  It was raining when I arrived and I hauled myself and my luggage across town to the hotel.  It was late and I was crabby so, I went to bed.

I visited Finland in off-season. I was a little surprised at the extent that this affected my trip. Things were randomly closed...either for the season....or for some unexplained reason (the sign on the door insisted it was open).  I laughed a little when I got to the main square and it was covered in scaffolding.  At first I thought the market building was closed, but finally figured out you could get to it via a boardwalk under the scaffolding.  I chatted with a local and she told me that they were building an underground parking area and a new Ikea (I think I got that right).

I also discovered many of a museums were closed.  But, I did manage to locate the Old Kuopio Museum which kept me busy for the better part of a day.  By now I knew that any museum that mentioned "wooden houses" had to be at the top of my agenda. This one was a city block with all of the buildings facing in to a center courtyard.  I was interested in it from two aspects: 1) I was interested in knowing what kind of life my great-grandparents lives in the late 1800's; and 2) I was interested in seeing a house from the 1930's which was roughly a contemporary to StuccoHouse.

 I took a lot of photos in this town, so I'm going to break them down into two posts.

The Cathedral

This was the center walkway that ran from the Cathedral on a hill down to the the massive lake.Finns as it turns out, know flowers.

The wall of the Cathedral built in 1815.  I took this photo to ask my dad what those iron things were in the wall. Repairs.

Here is the construction taking place under the main market square.  It was interesting to see what was under the very old city.

I lived off of these. Wish I had one now.

Another photo primarily for my dad the structural engineer.  This is the inside of the marketplace building.


The Catholic in me was a little shocked at how stark these Lutheran churches were.

Old wooden house

Swoon. Also note the color. Not so far off from the color of StuccoHouse.

Here is a kitchen decorated in standard 18th century form.

I love this wall display and may actually do this in my own kitchen.  I have a collection of vintage kitchen tools.

Note the crocheted lace around the shelves. Another idea I may steal.

More of that same house.

I was fascinated by this bed.  It slid out to full length.  During the day it was pushed together and stored against a wall.

Very cool heaters in these houses.

Loved the stencils

Here is the little central courtyard.

This gray that appeared everywhere is very similar to that of StuccoHouse's trim. Who knew?

I believe I need one of these in my back yard.

Just an odd little thing that caught my eye. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grand Openings

Both Parka and The Blue Door have opened in Longfellow. Yeah!

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