Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Gap

I didn't mention it during the Great Lilac Disappearance of 2010, but the lilacs that went missing included a bunch of bushes that stood between my house and my neighbor's.  I presume they removed those lilacs to let more light into the back room of their house. There must be a desk there because now I often see my neighbor sitting in front of the window until the wee hours.

Unfortunately, their room is directly across from one of my bedrooms and my bathroom.  The lilac trees once afforded us both some privacy. Now that they are gone, it is a clear shot from their room into my bathroom. Creepy.

I immediately put up some of that peel and stick glass covering and slapped up some temporary curtains on temporary robs (I know they look horrible, the rods kept sliding down the window frame).  However, one day I was outside and was surprised at how much could still be seen through the window when the lights were on.  Really creepy.

I hadn't spent much time thinking about what type of window covering I wanted to put up in the bathroom.  After all, I still have half of that window to restore....and to figure what I want to do with the rest of the bathroom.  But, there was a sudden sense of urgency.

My former condo had metal mini-blinds in the bathroom. They were neat looking, private and low maintenance.  I pulled out some of my old photos.  I ended up ordering brushed aluminum, 8 gauge, exterior mount, metal mini-blinds.

I'm not overly fond of the headrail on these mini-blinds, but they do make the bathroom look much more streamlined and I think they will protect the wood trim nicely. And no one can see through them.


Michelle @ A COTTAGE REVIVAL said...

Can you replant something fast growing in the spring? Do you know anyone that can do stained glass? I have a window in the laundry room / future kitchen that looks onto the neighbors deck and I'm thinking about an old multi paned beveled glass / or stained glass window to hang on the inside. Just an idea...

Chris said...

I agree with Michelle. It is too bad you can't put up a simple trellis with something that can cover it. It is a tough situation. For us, we are about 9' from the homes on each side and our neighbor's bath is directly across from the large bay window in our dining room. The windows are frosted but it doesn't afford them much privacy and I am sure they don't realize it. We keep our curtains shut most of the time because of this.

HPH said...

I'm sorry about your situation.

My Dad's 1927 bungelow has frosted textured glass in the lower and upper bathroom window panes. I know they have been there at least 50 years so are probably original to the house.

You cannot see clearly thru them, even with lighting, but you can still see shadows and pseudo-shapes. A period-type curtain in front of the bottom pane would block even more of the shadows.

Or you could get some of that gorgeous purple glass that the Petch House has in his bathroom.

StuccoHouse said...

Thanks for the suggestion, but as you can see the blinds have been purchased and hung. I'm happy with them and they do the trick.

I actually have a stained/leaded glass workshop in my basement. As you see in the photo, the window is at the end of the tub, so safety glass in required in that area. Leaded glass & textured glass, while quite lovely, would not provide the needed privacy.

A replanting is in the works.

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