Sunday, January 16, 2011


Here is the current concern. A massive ice dam off the front door over hang. For those following my "snow is the enemy of my roof" posts, this is about 7 feet down slope from the area that was leaking into my living room. For now though, the little copper drip edge seems to be holding it's own.


Karen Anne said...

Yikes. Nothing like houses for keeping your adrenaline going.

Kate R said...

Damn, that's scary looking. I don't think I've ever seen one that big (tall?) but we don't get quite the extreme temps you do.

Anonymous said...

We live in a bungalow in Minneapolis and have also been battling gigantic ice dams this winter. And the weight of the ice in our gutter has also caused a portion of the gutter to tear away from the house. Wish we had learned about those Roof Melt cubes earlier! Nice blog!

Nancy E. said...

Hi StuccoHouse,
Enjoyed running across/reading your blog. You have done beautiful work on your doors and I wanted to share a little hint.. A crock pot (from a garage sale) on low, with enough water to cover hinges/plates will actually soften/remove paint on metal. My bro in law came up with this and used it on his 1917 A/C house in Long Beach. Hang's march 7 and we're not getting 20 inches this week anyway! Regards, Nancy

StuccoHouse said...

We have had massive amounts of snow this year, so the icicles and ice dams everywhere are ginormous.

The Roof Melt tablets worked pretty well. I think they would be good for an ice dam in gutters.

Nancy - I am very familiar with the boiling hardware trick :) If you click on the "hardware" label on the side of my blog you will find a long "how to" post on the very topic!

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