Sunday, January 23, 2011


Nothing too exciting here.  Yesterday I scrubbed my 1924 bathtub, with limited remaining porcelain finish, clean.  This was quite a project and believe it or not, I still have some scrubbing to do.  The photo actually shows the spots where the porcelain is thinning.

I had the tub at my previous house refinished and wasn't overly fond of the results, so I'm delaying that as long as possible with this fixture. I have been experimenting with that gel finish that comes in a pink can (sorry can't remember they name)....I've also used carnuba wax.  Both worked ok, but tend to collect gunk (hair conditioner is the worst). Someone just needs to invent a sealer for old tubs. Any inventors out there?

While I was at the hardware store buying the above Bon Ami, I noticed a display of Roof Melt tablets. These have been featured prominently on most local news shows in the past few weeks. 8 out of 10 houses (my own made up statistics, but probably close) around here have massive ice dams this year and ever news station has done the mandatory story on ways to handle the problem. My neighbor had her entire roof steamed clean.

I bought a bucket. When I got home, I stood on my front sidewalk and pitched one up on to the roof. It promptly hit the roof, bounced back down and hit me in the eye.  After running into the house and washing my eye out with water, I decided a better idea was to haul them upstairs and toss them out my second floor windows on to the overhang that has been giving me problems this winter. We'll see.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Here is the current concern. A massive ice dam off the front door over hang. For those following my "snow is the enemy of my roof" posts, this is about 7 feet down slope from the area that was leaking into my living room. For now though, the little copper drip edge seems to be holding it's own.

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