Sunday, December 19, 2010

See Spot Go Away

I know you are probably getting sick of looking up at these water spots. I am too.

There hasn't been any changes in the ceiling water spots. They aren't bigger, but they haven't gone away either.

So, I hauled a chair over there to see if they were soggy or even damp. Nope, they feel dry. I think we (that's a royal "we" that includes you because it helps me to think I am not in this alone) are only dealing with a water stain at this point.

The second photo is a heat vent (closed off in the basement) that runs in a nearby closet and up through the attic space below the leak.  The water spots in the ceiling are about two feet outside of this closet. You can see a gap at the top of the duct that runs into the attic space...and presumably lets at least a little hot air up there. The plan today is to put some expanding foam into that gap and seal it up. The last thing I need is a flow of hot air the the spot underneath all the snow and ice. Hopefully, I can find a can of foam in my basement that isn't all clogged up after one use.

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