Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Back Band Back In

I'm falling behind in my posting. At any rate, the replacement back band is in. This has been a very long saga.

The cliff notes:

When I moved into the house, a chunk of back band was mysteriously missing from over the front door. It looked like this:

And a strip of back band that had gone bad was replaced by a less than attractive strip of flat trim. It looked like this:

The front door section now looks like this (note the little copper lip on the top edge):

And the front window now looks like this (again, note the little copper drip lip protecting the top edge, but ignore the dead geraniums):

The back band surrounding my dormer windows was also totally replaced. It took the brunt of 80+ years of MN weather.

This is one of those projects that I'm going to totally forget about. When you walk up to the house it looks like it should. You would never notice the difference (unless you were forced to read about it for the last few years).

I hired this job out. I didn't have the time or the correct tools. If you are a perfectionist and have done enough work on your house, there definitely comes a point where it is hard to let a stranger mess with things (with the notable exception of the guy that worked on my much beloved kitchen cabinet). They rarely do things up to your exacting standards. The miter corners on this job are going to be that issue for me. They are okay. They have too much caulking in them for my liking; they are not as tightly fit as I would have done myself. There. I said it. Now, I have to let it go. And, I must admit that the little copper drip edge is much better than I ever could have done. Yin and yang.


beth said...

I think deciding what to do yourself and what to hire out is hard. If you hire it, it's never quite the same as you'd do (sometimes better, sometimes worse) but at the same time - who has time for absolutely everything? I think this looks great!

Kate R said...

So THAT'S what a back band is. Love the copper drip edge, but then, I'm sort of a copper addict so that makes me slightly biased.

Considering everything you've DIYed in this house, hiring out occasionally is like a well deserved mini vacation. Good for you!

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