Friday, November 19, 2010

Three in a Row

After walking aimlessly through my house for a week, I finally found the hook & eye hardware for my storm windows.  They were in a small brown bag on a chair right by the dormer windows. Of course.

Two storm windows went in without a hitch.  The third window mysteriously didn't come close to fitting. I tried each storm in each window. It was clear which storms fit into two of the windows. The third was not going to fit no matter how hard I tried to coax it into place.

I measured those damn windows 5 times before placing the order for storms, so this was particularly irritating. But the storm was made to order...and it was too big (thankfully). Today I called Rick at Diamond Lake Hardware and asked if there was any way he could trim down the storms (he made them)...he told me that it wasn't a problem. I just needed to bring the storm in and he'd trim it while I waited. I dropped by the hardware store 30 minutes later.

I contend that the window somehow shrunk between the time when I took the measure and tried to install the storm. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

So, here are the storms installed. The top board and left vertical board still need to be fully stripped and repainted next Spring. The snow came before I could complete that job.

It's amazing how much more light comes through those windows without the old aluminum storms...and how much street sound they block. Oh, and how much warmer it is.


Northland Stories said...

The new storm windows look nice. I had some measuring issues myself, but I put on white aluminum storms to replace the metal ones I took off and some windows were slightly too big, some a little too small. I measured corner to corner and realized a lot of my windows are not square anymore due to settling. (My house settled in a few different spots over the last 80 years. Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one that buys things at the hardware store and then promptly loses them. lol

Elizabeth said...

The windows look great! I can't wait to replace all the crappy aluminum windows on my 100 year old house with wood storms and screens. That's next Spring's project.

Ryan said...

I'm planning on replacing my triple track windows with wood ones in stages like you are. But first I have to find someone in the area to build them for me. My mother keep saying that someone she knows had new storms made, but she though she already gave me his number and doesn't remember who it was anymore. Someday, hopefully soon.

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