Saturday, November 13, 2010

Three Faces of StuccoHouse

I'm going to do a post and run.  I have three wood storm windows in my dining room waiting for their last coat of paint.

Every now and then I go through old photos to remind myself of where I started and where I am now.

I've mentioned this before. but the stucco (and the yellow paint) on my house photos weirdly. It's the same stucco in all photos. The last photo is probably the closest to reality.

Here is my house as it stands today. The horizontal half-timber is newly stripped and painted.  The barge boards are slated as the first project next Spring. I have been slowly working my way upward. Here's a little background on the front door overhang.

Here is a photo of the house after I had been here a year. The white is all aluminum trim nailed over the original wood. I have to say, the house looks a whole lot better in this picture than it did in real life. Although. this photo has me motivated to pick up some fir tops again for the front flower box this winter.

And here is a photo of my house shortly before I bought it. Note the fine wood lattice front steps.


AJ said...

Looks great! Your posts inspire me to keep up on crappy house.

spayurdog said...

Looks amazing, SH! At some point could you post a photo of the arsenal of tools and chemicals you use for paint stripping? The wood looks brand new after you are done with it, at least in pictures.

I'm really envious of your copper drip edge. How did you find someone to do it? Was it be a roofer or metal fabricator?


StuccoHouse said...

AJ - Thanks :)

Cristina - Will do. It's a pretty small arsenal. I'd love to take credit for the wood, but after you finally get the paint off...and sand does look new. The copper edge on the overhang was done by a fabricator at a roofing co. If you hit the "drip edge" label on the side of my blog, you can see that saga. That took a lot of phone calls. I just had a copper drip edge put over the back band on my front windows....more on this in an upcoming post.

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