Saturday, November 06, 2010


There has been slow progress in my kitchen.  When last we left the kitchen, I had just finished putting up the ceiling and the ceiling fixture. (see the label Kitchen below for the full ongoing saga).  This past week, I had an electrician come in and pull new wires to both walls and install my new fixtures.

He also expanded my two outlet box above the stove to a four outlet. (Does anyone have any idea where I can get a polished nickel plate with one gfi and one standard hole? I have already tried all of the usual suspects. Do I want them both gfi?)

You will have to imagine this wallpaper behind the fixtures. I'm still stripping the peach paint. Still.

For the heck of it, you can also imagine this stove installed in the kitchen.


Robert said...

If I recall correctly, you can purchase a regular non-GFI outlet that is in the rectangular shape of a GFI. I've seen these at Lowes and Home Depot. That way you can use the readily available 2 GFI plate but not have to put in an unnecessary additional GFI outlet.

kayduh said...

I used Kyle Designs to get a similar plate for my kitchen after I updated the electrical. I was very happy with my switch plates.

Old House Lover said...

How about this:

Old House Lover said...

I'm sorry about my other comment, there was supposed to be a link included, let's see if this works:

Restoration Hardware: Metal Single Socket and Rocker Plate Combo

StuccoHouse said...

Geez, thanks for the suggestions. I was all afraid that this was an odd configuration that I'd spend the rest of my life searching guys came through for me :)

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