Sunday, November 14, 2010

In The Nick of Time

There is nothing like a snow storm to motivate a girl to get her new upstairs wood storm windows puttied, primed and painted. They are now drying in my dining room. Oil based primer and two coats of Benjamin Moore exterior acrylic. I just need to clean up the paint edges on the glass. With any luck, I will be able to install them tomorrow.

For the record, I an not a taper when it comes to painting windows. I use an angled edge brush and don't worry about any over painting. If you don't own one of these cheap little straight edge razor holders, you need to drop everything and run out and buy one.  They make cleaning up paint on glass beyond easy. They also give the paint a nice sharp edge.


Kate R said...

Ha, sounds like something I would do normally, but am trying really hard to stay ahead of this year. Too many years I've waited until it was below freezing to pull the screen out of my front storm door & put in the glass insert, which can't be done while wearing gloves. SO I'd be right there with ya on the frozen fingers.

And I love my razor scraper thingy.

Omar said...

I agree about the razor for cleaning up paint on glass. Way easier to do that as opposed to being a pro with a brush or using painter's tape. We still have at least a month of good painting season left before it gets too cold, so I'm hoping I can crank out one more window before then. Currently working on one in my daughter's room. Wish me luck..

Anonymous said...

I have a question in the picture of your doors the wood, what kind is it I have wood that looks just like that and dont know what it is, my house was built in 21 or about. thanks

StuccoHouse said...

Kate R - I try really hard to stay ahead if things, but then one day I get bored and pretty soon the aluminum storm windows are laying in my garge...and the race is on.

Omar - It's amazing how long these windows can take, isn't it. I wish I had one more week, but the truth be told...the snow coming gives me a deadline and I get stuff done.

Anonymous - It's oak veneer. The floor is also red oak but w/o stain.

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