Sunday, November 07, 2010

Another [Three] Bite The Dust

Two weeks ago in a phase where I thought winter would never come, I brazenly took down the decrepit aluminum storm windows from my three upstairs dormer windows. If you have followed my blog for a while, you know I have done this before (and apparently not learned) and now it's a mad race to get wood storm windows made, glass cut, storm primed, glass puttied in place, putty cured and the whole shebang painted and installed before things turn really cold here in Minnesota.

At this point, I have the wood storms (courtesy of Diamond Lake Hardware). I have them primed and one side painted. I put down a bead of silicone and then put in the glass and the little metal glazing push points hold it in place. Last night I puttied the last storm.  The glazing putty jar says to leave the putty cure for 2 to 3 weeks.  Two of the storms might get to 2 weeks (I puttied them early). We'll see about the third. I also ran out last night and picked up three sets of hook/eye to hold them in place until I decide if I want exterior brackets. I just may beat the snow.

I have also simultaneously been stripping the exterior wood on the dormers.  I have 75% of it down to bare wood.  I think I'm going to prime and paint that wood today...and then leave the top board for Spring (unless this warm weather holds out for another few weeks).  It should look pretty cute with the new gray storm windows even if the top board isn't painted just yet.

And just as a's what the dormer area looked like originally.


Amy said...

Woo hoo! The dormer is looking great.

I'm glad my home has the original storms, but I'm going to have to do some maintenance on them next summer. I love your posts like this one. You might not think of it as a tutorial, but does give newbies like me some confidence with tackling projects like this. Thanks!

Omar said...

Awesome work -- it's really looking good. I've been burning through my own neverending window restoration too. Used your old posts as inspiration and a guide to make sure I'm doing it right.. Hehe

StuccoHouse said...

Amy - I'm always a little afraid readers will get tired of hearing about my sometimes very stretched out projects. It's nice to hear the posts help someone else.....even if it is to *avoid* what I did :)

Omar - Window restoration is rewarding...but it does take some time. I keep telling myself...this just has to be done once in a lifetime. What did we do before blogs??

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