Saturday, October 16, 2010

Set Up To Succeed

I searched high and low for back band to replace the trim that was missing or rotted around my front window and door. The search spanned three years, give or take. Tears were shed. Swearing occurred.

What baffled me was that back band on my house, is the very same profile that is on 95% of the houses in the Twin Cities. This is not some funky back band. It's pretty generic.

Long story short, I finally located the exact back band profile I needed last Spring at Siweks Lumber in NE Minneapolis. At that time I had them cut me a sample of the trim to bring home with me. That sample sat until a few weeks ago when I called a local contractor to get on their schedule and have someone come out and pull out the old trim and replace it with new.

The deal was that they would replace the trim. My end of the deal was to obtain said trim, sand it and paint it.

So, off I went to buy trim. On the drive to NE, I suddenly started to worry that I would find that the profile I needed had been discontinued. But, my worry was for naught.  I showed the lumberyard guy my sample and he walked me over to his supply of that profile. He asked me what measurements I needed. I told him and he started pulling out lengths of trim. All of a sudden, I noticed these faint stripes on the trim. I looked a little closer and realized that every 5" or so, the trim was finger jointed. I even asked they guy..."are those finger joints?" He looked at me and said "yup." Like I was some sort of newbie for even asking.

Well, it's not like I have a whole lot of choices when it comes to this trim. This is it. And compared to the $10/ft quote I received at the start of my search.......the $1.50/ft they were charging me for this trim was a bargain.

I paid the man, loaded my trim into my car and headed home.

Concerned, I asked my dad (structural engineer) his thoughts. No, he had never seen that done before on trim. It was good in the sense that the trim is extremely straight. No, he did not share my concerns that it would fall apart immediately. Even if it only lasted a 5-10 years, he pointed out, replacing it wouldn't break the bank.

So, I coated the finger jointed back band with wood preservative. It then received two coats of primer. If ever there was finger jointed back band set up to succeed, it is this bunch of trim going on the front of my house.

The guys at Scheftel are fitting my project in between their larger projects. One guy was out last week and got the old trim off of the front window...and the new side pieces installed. He's going to wrap the upper edge of the top piece of trim in copper, so that was delayed for a bit. Once that's done, I'll need to paint the trim and caulk.

There is a bit more to this project (isn't that always the case) and I'll talk more about that in my next post.

Finally, in past posts commenters and I wondered why we never saw back band in the local salvage places. The last picture explains that. Pulling back band out of stucco, as it turns out, is not an easy task.


Donna said...

I have seen finger joints on trims at Home Depot and Menards for about 6 years. It is not a problem if you are going to paint it but I have been searching salvage lumber companies for old trim that is going to be shellac.

StuccoHouse said...

Interesting, I'm familiar with the stock of trim at our local Menards & HD and we don't have it here. Maybe it's a regional thing. I generally use salvaged trim, but back band isn't available (see photo in my post). I've had an eye out for 7 yrs, so I'm confident in that statement.

Kate R said...

Being a DIY lightwaight, I'm just glad I knew what a finger joint was. Still have no idea what back band is tho, rofl, other than it's something that trims out your window?

Omar said...

Good call on the wood preservative and extra helping of primer. Should last a while, but wonder how it actually compares to the non-finger jointed trim. I've seen this kind of stuff used in interior trim, but not so much exterior. If anything you know that profile is still available at a reasonable price. I might even stock a couple lengths of that and save it just in case. It's not cheap to get a custom profile made..

Kate R said...

Clicked in to read Omar's comment & noticed I mispelled lighweight. Hate when that happens.

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