Saturday, October 30, 2010

One Domino

I thought I'd never type this. The long, painfully ugly reign of the oak bathroom light is over. Long live the new light!

This is one of those old house things where you start with a small project and it turns into a slow game of dominoes.

As part of a project to replace a wiring mess in my hallway in order to install a new light (future post), the electrician discovered a stray wire. We spent some time trying to figure out what it could operate. Finally the electrician jiggled the wire and I listened along various walls to see where it made noise.

The bathroom.

He unhooked the wire and nothing in the bathroom turned off. We decided to take the bathroom light off the wall to see what was going on. The wire was a stray that lead to nothing (probably an old set of sconces).

Then we made another discovery. In order to install this lovely piece of crap (and it's matching medicine cabinet), they had furred out the wall 3 or so inches. Well, this kind of explains the odd clearance for the toilet when I first moved into the house. You had to sit sideways on the toilet (I finally had the toilet turned 90 degrees). What are some people thinking? I shudder to think that the original plaster was pulled out to install this, it couldn't be. No one would do that, right?

This changes everything. I was going to replace the sink and replace the existing medicine cabinet with a vintage one currently sitting in my basement. I was going to run the current big box tile (which I neither love or hate) through the rest of the bathroom.

Now I am thinking reclaim the 3+", if possible. And then while I already have one wall I spent the time and money to do the bathroom the way I really would want it?? This would mean a vintage toilet and true vintage style tile (perhaps pink and black).

The electrician put in a temporary light for me to use. It already is a 200% improvement, I think.

This hideous light is going into the trash. It will not be salvaged anywhere. I am considering it my gift to the world to permanently put an end to it.


Anonymous said...

I have used those "temporary" lights for renovation that takes more than a day, or a week, or 3 years. If you need more light, I recommend the screw in two bulb adapter. It gives more light for doing reno work, or just living. In fact, I think my kids thought these were real fixtures growing up!

Lucky7 said...

Thanks for this blog and all the pictures. I just bought a 1923 Spanish Eclectic style house in California, my fourth remodel. It's reassuring to read about the work you've done and your relaxed attitude about taking your time and not getting in a hurry.

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