Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My New Best Friend

Out with the old.

And in with the new.

A birthday present from my mom and dad who were tired of listening to me whine about how near death I came during the long hour(s) it took me to mow my lawn this summer.

Funny little story. I immediately tried out the new mower while my mom and dad were still at my house after delivering it. The box said it was self-propelled and I was thinking to myself as the mower glided over my overgrown grass how much of a huge difference the self-propelled technology made.

I stopped the mower to move my hammock to the other side of the yard..and commented to my mom how easy it was. I had to laugh when she said "...and it will be even easier when you pull up on the self-propeller bar." I am now practically running after this mower. If I could teach it to turn corners, I'm pretty sure it would mow the lawn itself.


Amy said...

Congratulations! I had to get a new mower too and I am in love. Who knew a lawn care tool could change my life? Have fun with yours!

Karen Anne said...

Self propeller bar?

StuccoHouse said...

Amy - I know!

Karen Anne - In the photo, it's a little bar above the main handle. You pull it in (or let it out) to engage the "self propeller"

Kate R said...

I'm incredibly impressed you lasted so long with the reel mower. I try to "be green" in many ways but I don't think I could survive without my self-propelled mower.

biggerb said...

Stucco House, I see that years ago you had some old hardware replated. I know you weren't satisfied with the company but do you know anyone else in the Twin Cities area who does this kind of work? I haven't been able to find anyone and would like to have all my old hardware replated.

Thanks much

StuccoHouse said...

Kate R - "Lasted" probably is a stretch. My lawn has not looked the best for last year or so as my love affair with my reel mower wound down.

biggerb - I'd call one of the local motorcycle repair shops and ask who does their chroming. Maybe try Roy's Repair or one of the local HD dealerships. If my pace was even marginal, I'd say to go there...but I really was not happy with their work.

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