Saturday, June 05, 2010

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I'm looking at the last post on my blog of the entryway to my house....or any exterior shot, for that matter. The yellow always seems SO bright. It is bright yellow no matter how I take the photo.  For the record, it's not.

Here is the actual color chart for the exterior of my house. The color that LOOKS like neon yellow in all of my photos is called Barley. What is is about yellow paint?


Northland Stories said...

No one can read your blog anymore because the yellow is blinding us! Just kidding. We're looking at different siding options and colors, and there is a popular color called Prairie Wheat, and it's a light wheat color, yet on houses, it looks bright yellow. Colors have a way of concentrating when painted over large surfaces .. even bedrooms, I always paint a lighter shade than what I want.

Joe M. said...

Stucco House,

My house is yellow too, "Daisetta" from Duron/Sherwin Williams (not sure if it still exists now) & noticed it was BRIGHT (which I wanted) and after a year or so it faded as they all do.I think exterior colors should be brighter because you are talking 7 or so yrs to repaint & it will fade after even one year. Think of what it may look like for the long run.

StuccoHouse said...

Here's the weird thing, in real life the color of my trim is more like the board....not the photos. For some reason when I photo it, it looks neon. This paint has been on my house for a good 3 yrs now

Joe M. - shoot me now if I have to repaint after 7 yrs. I was hoping this would carry me to my retirement :)

Haha...Northland about the blinding, but if the snow up there hasn't blinded you yet, I'm thinking it can't be done.

Kate H. said...

I'm glad you mentioned this. On my computer at least, your yellow house color comes up sharp and greenish. "Barley"-- assuming it's ripe-- is so much nicer.

It's something about digital cameras, I think, though I've had problems with film, too. My difficulty is with reds, when I'm photographing my roses. They never come up the great colors they really are, and it's impossible to correct them in the software.

I've have to see how my current camera renders yellow, now you've raised the subject.

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