Sunday, June 13, 2010


Wow, more trees gone. Reminder note ignored. Coincidently, they work on it when I'm not home so I can't just go out there and talk to them. Although, I have talked about the property line with the owner a number of times in the past. Certified letter being drafted. I'm surprised and disappointed.

I came out in my yard this morning to missing bushes and a strange neighborhood cat pooping in my garden (yes, we have a leash law). It kind of sums things up for me today.

It makes me laugh a little because when I moved into my house and was going to trim the over grown hedge on the other side of my back yard, I actually asked the home owner on that side what height he'd like to see. He in turn gave me a courtesy "heads up" when he was going to install his fence.


Karen Anne said...

Oh, that's too bad.

Time to see if you can install a fence on the actual property line as someone else suggested, even if it means having the bushes moved.

I wonder what the neighbor can be thinking?

StuccoHouse said...

Well, it would also mean moving a 100+ yr old oak tree. As I mentioned in the original post, this is the reason the fence is not on the line...hard to run a fence (originally intended to keep dogs in) through that ;)

Joe M. said...

I think it's time to share the plot survey with a real estate attorney & your neighbor. The neighbor should have a plot survey as well and it is high time he, they, get over themselves and come to realize they have been illegaly cutting down trees and trespassing on your property.

The Real EMO said...

Won't be hard to run a fence for long at the rate they are going. Seems to me they are being deliberate. It is really too bad there is not a good relationship. If they don't like the bushes, they could always put up a fence on their property line!!!

Good luck and it is too bad that this can't be done more civilly.

StuccoHouse said...

Yea, sending a letter tomorrow. Something needs to go in writing on the record about this. I want this to be the very last time I deal with this.

Sadly, we don't automatically get survey info. with our property here and they cost a few hundred bucks to have done. I'm not on their property, so I have a hard time considering forking out the dough. We do get an abstract that provides some general info (for example, I know how many feet off the foundation of my house to the property line). If you look across the alley in back of our houses, you can also tell how the neighbors have lined their line up.

It's really not as uncivilized as it may seem. What you are reading here is me venting. It's just a huge ginormous hassle. I have such little time off of work on the weekend and to spend it this way instead of doing something productive or fun does not make me happy. At. All.

With the exception of this topic (and the air-conditioner outside of my living room & bedroom), we are friendly neighbors and will remain so (at least on my part). I actually don't mind too much what is done to the property between the houses. I have wanted to clean it up for years and have mentioned it to him....but for this very reason hesitated in actually going ahead.

I just don't want my lilacs removed.

Kate H. said...

The board fence between me and my neighbors' runs right into a large (former) pine tree that sits on the property line . . . My POs (tree belonged to them) notched the fence in on both sides of it.

A few years ago my POs had it cut down, because it shaded their kids' pool too much and shed messy needles all over the neighbors' yard. They left a fence-height stump, which we grow things over. But it wasn't sacrificed to the fence.

Point is, re: your oak, the fence job can be done without taking out the tree.

Karen Anne said...

I had a big oak on my property line. The fence came up to it on both sides, with room left for it to grow.

The town records office probably has a plat map showing both your lots. You might even be able to find existing benchmarks. Sometimes they're iron rods that tend to get covered with dirt, but they show up on the map so you have a chance at finding them yourself.

Make it a certified letter.

Joe M. said...

I suggested a plot survey S.H. because I thought this is standardly done when you purchase a house and if so, you'd a record of it somewhere as would your neighbor. They do this in DC because, in some cases, townhouses are lot-line to lot-line. My neighbor keeps telling me he owns the South wall of my garage because it sits right on the line. We kid about it....sorry that you had to deal with this instead of FUN stuff!

Anonymous said...

You would be amazed how dumb, or perhaps oblivious people are.Several houses ago, we built a shed, with a permit.The township inspector came out when I was at work. He reported that the shed was only 2 feet from the property line, it needed to be 6. I called him the next day to remind him, as noted on all our plot plans filed with the township, that our fence was 12 feet from the property line, not on it. This put the shed at 14 feet inside the line! Dummy!

StuccoHouse said...

Thanks all for your suggestions! :) I am up on the plat survey info for my city (you forget, I am the daughter of a structural engineer).

Obviously, I don't want to lose that property (but that isn't an imminent threat)....and I am amenable to what happens on that strip of land (just ask me first).....I just don't want my lilacs to be a casualty of it all.

The fence was put up by a dog owning PO. I like it the way it is because it helps keeps feral(or leashless) cats/dogs also provides for privacy. I have zero desire to spend the money move the fence.

I had a stomach ache driving up to my house this eve...but all work has stopped. I did see my neighbor, got eye contact with him, and he looked down guiltily and headed away :) I wrote a polite but firm letter. I think this is all going to work out.

Ha, now I can tell you a story from my previous house where the neighbor had an easement on to my property to get to his garage. His garage opened at a right angle to mine. This "gentleman" decided it was his right to park in front of my garage preventing me from entering my garage (or exiting, if I happened to be parked inside). He actually parked there once and left town. He & his wife screamed at me one time when I ask him to move his truck (to this day, I can't even look at Suburbans). Pleasant. Lol...his solution was to tell me he'd leave the keys in the truck and I could move it. Oh, the possibilities... I told him, good would make things a lot easier for the tow truck driver.

We are all lucky I didn't have a blog back then. Seriously, what is up with people?

Anonymous said...

I had a similar problem with my neighbour, and the same issue with the fence (massive tree on property line, so fence built 3' to my side). When my neighbour started removing bushes when I was at work, I planted two poles at the front and back of my lot on the property line and stretched a string between them to show which side was mine, and which side was his. I told him since he was clearing the bushes, I could finally build a fence on the right spot - a fence that would run down the middle of a portion of his brick garden path, vegetable bed, and perennial border. He quickly replanted the bushes, but I kept the line up for a week or two just to let him sweat a bit.

StuccoHouse said...

Anonymous - Thanks for the chuckle. How come when it happens to someone else and they tell it, I can laugh? When it happens to me...not so funny. I may try your string trick though.....

Was going to go out and try to find the metal marker for the property line, but heaven only knows how deep under ground that is by now.

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