Sunday, June 27, 2010

No Limbs Were Lost

Today I overcame my fear and pulled out the hedge clipper. Yes, the same hedge clipper that I used to just about cut off my finger two summers ago (warning, it's gruesome).  I have been using a manual hand held clipper until now, but it's hot and the sun was going down. I sat in my back yard and debated for a while....summoned my courage and pulled out the battery clipper. This time the gloves remained on until the last branch was down.

The hedge is trimmed and no appendages were lost and not one drop of blood was shed in the process.

While I was out trimming the hedges (to the north in my back yard).  My neighbor of missing lilac bushes fame came out and started rooting in the lilac bushes (south side of my yard).  I thought I'd break the ice...and wandered over there...and jokingly said "hey, you cut down my lilac bushes...."   I thought this would get a "Oh, sorry about that".  And then I had planned to chat about what we could do that would make us both happy.

Well, I was sadly mistaken.  I got a pile of full-on snottiness thrown back at me.

So, I asked if he planned on replacing the bushes. Nope.  And then he proceeded to go sit in a chair and watch me working in my back yard through the gap that once was my lilac bushes.

Wow. I was stunned.

All I can say is that one who has an air conditioner unit too close for code to their neighbor's house best not cop too much of an attitude.  Just saying.....  

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Place for the Plants

This is the vintage plant stand I picked up yesterday. I'm going to use it in my upstairs sun room. You probably don't know this about me, but I have a collection of vintage ceramic planters (currently sitting on the side of each step of my stairway).

Here's my question to you: Should I put a fresh coat of white or maybe really pale pink paint on it.....or leave it alone?  I am a fan of vintage, but not "shabby chic."  The paint is a little grungy and chipped in quite a few places.  I could go either way on this.  What do you think?

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Wow, more trees gone. Reminder note ignored. Coincidently, they work on it when I'm not home so I can't just go out there and talk to them. Although, I have talked about the property line with the owner a number of times in the past. Certified letter being drafted. I'm surprised and disappointed.

I came out in my yard this morning to missing bushes and a strange neighborhood cat pooping in my garden (yes, we have a leash law). It kind of sums things up for me today.

It makes me laugh a little because when I moved into my house and was going to trim the over grown hedge on the other side of my back yard, I actually asked the home owner on that side what height he'd like to see. He in turn gave me a courtesy "heads up" when he was going to install his fence.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Straying Over The Line

Why is it that when people see a fence, they assume property line?  A few years ago my neighbor went through a phase where he hacked down a row of nicely (and recently) trimmed lilacs. I was miffed, but *most* of them grew back.

Today I was bringing out my trash when I realized a good chunk of my lilac bushes are completely missing. Gone. Totally gone.

I'm not so happy.

The previous owner of my house put up a fence for her dogs. There is a massive oak tree that runs down the middle of the property line and two rows of lilacs (one my neighbor's and the row nearests me and the fence, mine). Not wanting to try to wrap a fence around the tree and through the lilacs the PO had the fence placed a 3-4 feet in (immediately on my side of the tree with both rows of lilacs on the outside).

I'm absolutely sure he didn't mean to be malicious. But honestly, before you started hacking out bushes (that I have maintained), wouldn't you think to check? And I have talked with him about this a number of times in the past.

I left a big note out on the fence (best I don't see him right now) and will need to talk to that neighbor this weekend.  Like I have time for this.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I'm looking at the last post on my blog of the entryway to my house....or any exterior shot, for that matter. The yellow always seems SO bright. It is bright yellow no matter how I take the photo.  For the record, it's not.

Here is the actual color chart for the exterior of my house. The color that LOOKS like neon yellow in all of my photos is called Barley. What is is about yellow paint?

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