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2nd Annual Bungalow Blog Tour

Welcome to the Second Annual Bungalow Blog Tour!  There are nine bungalow (or bungalow in spirit) blogs participating this year. At the bottom of each Tour post, you will find a link to the next house and one back to the previous house. If you follow the complete tour, you should end up where you started.

Please leave comments at the blogs you visit: 1) because bloggers love feedback; and 2) if they know there is interest, it will make it easer for me to talk these bloggers into doing the tour again next year :)

On with the Tour......

Here is a photo of StuccoHouse as it was listed for sale on MLS by the previous owner's realtor. It seems so long ago.  The house was built in 1924 and I purchased it in 2002.

When I bought the house I had no clear idea that I would be "restoring" it. That kind of snuck up on me. I do remember thinking that as soon as I owned the house, those two hanging flower baskets were coming down. It would take me a few weeks after buying the house to even discover that was I had was a bungalow.

I had moved to this house from a 1928 condo on the other side of the city. The condo was vintage inside and I was looking for that same atmosphere in a house. I knew when I walked into StuccoHouse and saw the unpainted woodwork and vintage kitchen....that this was the house.

One of my first "restoration" type activities was to replace the lovely front door entry set (and that is using the term loosely). Then I dived right in with the infamous cat pee floor project. By this time I started to get an idea of how the interior of the house *should* look and I pulled down & replaced the "most hated light." By this time, I had a long list of things that I hoped to accomplish with the house....and it dawned on me that this was going to be a multi-year (or multi-decade) full on house restoration.  I joke that I'm 8 years in to a 2 year house project.

One of my most rewarding projects has been the ongoing restoration of my vintage, old growth wood, double hung & casement windows.

The grossest project I'd had to do it a tie between trapping the mice that found an entryway into my house by my front door, crawling into the dark recesses of my attic, and patching the hole above my front door overhang. All of these involved the real possibility of bugs or rodents in my hair.

The most fun project to date has been installing a new, custom vintage style cabinet in my kitchen where one had been removed. My mom was the motivation to get me going on this project. The kitchen restoration is still going on. I have been diligently stripping paint off of the plaster walls and I hope to post about putting up wallpaper and painting walls this summer.....and my 1949 Tappan stove being hooked up (and finally out of my living room).

The most costly, yet surprisingly interesting task was replacing my sewer lateral line.

I think the project with the most immediate impact has been the work on my front door entryway. I get a lot of comments from passerby's that seems to be following my progress on that work (and keep me motivated)

The project that got me in over my head and forced me to dig my way out.....was absolutely the restoration of the rotten brackets holding up my front door overhang. Painted wood is now where the awful aluminum once was...and a copper drip edge with a nice patina replaced the snipped aluminum one.

Plans for this summer include stripping the old paint off the remaining wood trim on the front of my house and painting it, finishing up my kitchen restoration, and replacing some more of the triple track aluminum storm windows with wood framed storms.

Thanks for visiting StuccoHouse (and taking a tour down memory lane with me).

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Previous House on the Blog Tour: Foxcroft


denise said...

Thanks for doing this, StuccoHouse. It's been a lot of fun! I've been reading your blog for years now and am always impressed with your projects (sorry I'm not a good commenter). I love how your front porch turned out. I would sooo love to get rid of our aluminum trim and put beadboard back up in the soffits along with replacing the aluminum storm windows with wood (god I hate the white aluminum!). I'm sure we'll do it eventually, but it's hard to be patient.

BlackDog's Photographer said...

The house looks fantastic!

Just reading through your tour post and came across the cat pee stains on the wood floors. I'm just getting ready to redo the wood floors here. There is a few stains that look like that in our dining room. Good to know what I'm in for. :)

Omar said...

Hey this is a great idea! Your house blog was one of the first I came across and still one of my favorites. Thanks for all the inspiration.. Keep it up :)

Kate H. said...

Thanks for the virtual tour in general and the recap/overview of StuccoHouse in particular. I agree, this is really a great idea. Makes me wonder if the same might be done for Foursquares or Victorians or any other house type, if some houseblogger cared to organize it. I mean, why not?

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm impressed with all that you've done -- especially since you went into it not planning on such extensive reno.

Great post, except now I'm totally paranoid about the two dark stained boards in my floor. Hrm.

SMU Cox Web Site said...

Good for you. Cat pee is virtually impossible to get rid of. It's sort of addictive in its own odd way. You fix item #1. Item #1 makes item #4, 18, and 79 look so bad that you have to get started on them too. It really just never ends. Which is good because we don't really own old girls. They're just placed in our care for a while.

spayurdog said...

Thank you for the virtual tours, Stucco! Can't believe how far you've come. Waiting impatiently to see that finished kitchen.

Chris said...

I've been so crazy these days, I just got to reading all of the posts from the tour. It is kind of nice to be able to catch up even though I was busy on tour day. Thanks so much for organizing things. It was a lot of fun and I appreciated everyone's hard work, beautiful homes and great posts.

StuccoHouse said...

I'm glad everyone seemed to enjoy the tour. I had a great time reading the exceptional posts by my fellow bloggers :) Everyone pulls out all the stops for their blog tour posts.

Denise - Taking down the aluminum trim was no fun. I'm glad I did it...even if the house desperately needs a paint job now. Everything just seems to breath better. And thanks for joining the tour...I had a great time reading your "stop."

BlackDog - Ah, the pee much fun :) Enjoyed your tour post!

Omar - You so need to join us on next years tour! You house would totally fit right would your projects.

Kate - I'm glad you enjoyed it! The tours are easy to organize....getting blogs that will put effort into their posts is key. I'd love to see some tour with other house styles.

Amy - don't be impressed. I've mostly just stumbled into things and gotten in too deep to get out without doing something. Hehe. And I'm sure the stains on your floor are just water ;)

SMU - that's how it works isn't pull one tiny thread and pretty soon the whole sweater is unraveling...and you are knitting a new one.

Spayurdog - I am desperately trying to find the time to get my kitchen done. Was just talking to my mom about it on Mother's Day...if only I could get the electrician rewire...get the outlet moved...and the new lights I can wallpaper.

Chris - Isn't it fun to snoop in other peoples homes & projects?! I loved the close-up shots of the details in your house.

Now to plan for the 3rd Annual.....

Mike said...

Well done on the tour, Stucco. I've finally gotten to see and comment on everyone's posts.

Have you ever dreamed about what to do some day when it's all done?


Me neither...

Neighmond said...

Lots of work-but it looks like a million! I am doing my kitchen ceiling like you did when the time comes.

Northland Stories said...

Hey Stucco, did you see the Petch House's next project? Looks like a great restoration, will be fun to watch. :)

Cat@BudgetBlonde said...

I just started following your blog! Your house is so cute!

handy man said...

I'm so sorry I missed the tour this year. I'd love to take part next year if you do it again. My wife and I just started working on our craftsman bungalow that we purchased in the northeast about a year ago. I really enjoyed taking a look at all the great homes from those who did take part in the tour

Mr Brown Thumb said...

Thanks for the tour, I like your planted windowbox and I'm happy to see those hanging baskets gone.


atayala said...

Love all the links you have shared in your post and the photos too.

Deirdre G
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Bad Joo said...

Hey, Stucco. Thanks for doing this! We've just purchased a 1915 Bungalow (and a 1950's Tappan Stove), and look forward to maybe participating if we get blogging.

StuccoHouse said...

Mike - I'm next to positive it will never happen.

Thanks all for the comments. I'm aiming for the 3rd annual next, if you ware interested in joining that for a "calling All Bungalows" post in April.

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