Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Calling All Bungalows

Last year, the first week in May, I pulled together a hasty bungalow web tour (the Twin Cities Bungalow Club had canceled their annual live tour and we were going through withdrawal). A few of my fellow bungalow owners joined me in creating a mini-online bungalow tour. It was fun.

This year, I thought I'd start a little earlier with more organization.  The Twin Cities Bungalow Tour is taking place on May 8th.  Anyone interested in joining in on a online bungalow tour for that same day?

If you are, drop me an email at: stuccohouse at aol dot com.  Let me know the name of your blog & give me a link. Put "Bungalow Tour" in the email's re, so my spam filter doesn't prevent me from reading it :) You do not need to be from the Twin Cities to participate....if you have a bungalow and a blog, you are invited!

Then, start thinking about a post that you can put up that day.....your favorite spot in your house, a restoration project, your future plans, the history of your house....anything bungalow related.

I'll see who is interested and get back to you with a plan & instructions for linking the blogs.


Monica said...

Hey Stucco House
Sorry for the off the wall comment but I saw this and thought of you right away. Not sure how much you watch stuff at the Reuse Center but the have a pretty nice looking stove right now. thought maybe you would like to know for you other blog. Here's a link to their site.


StuccoHouse said...

Monica - No problem. I got super frustrated with the ReUse Center last yr and stopped following their emails & visiting the store.

That said, that is a very cool Tappan Deluxe stove. Although, I note (as with many things) they don't give a price. Hopefully, it is reasonable and they find a good owner for it.

I think the link you gave was for the email pics. Here's one from their website. http://www.greeninstitute.org/StoreSales.htm

Totally off topic, but can you believe those built in buffets that people in the Twin Cities are pulling out of their houses? What on earth are they thinking?

Thanks for the tip! (I'll let a few of the Tappan Talk people I know that are looking for a stove know)

Neighmond said...

Sign me up! Will mine count as a bungalow?

Monica said...

I know those buffets are awesome, it's super sad. My house doesn't have one (just wasn't built that way) so I always look at them and wonder what, if anything, I could do with one. They are just so neat!!

StuccoHouse said...

Neighmond - You are on the list :) Just drop me an email so I can send you the specific details.

Monica - I once went to a yard sale where the woman was selling the buffet from her own house. She took it out to put in a sliding glass door. I had trouble breathing after she told me that. Ha, maybe you could put on in your basement :)

Allison said...

Eeks. That sliding glass door comment really got to me. Don't they know it doesn't go with the house?

Northland Stories said...

We had a rotten sliding glass door when we moved in, they may have taken out a buffet to put it in and the neighbors have a similar house with a buffet. So sad.

StuccoHouse said...

Allison - I know, it still haunts me a little.

Northland Stories - Well, they certainly appear regularly in the salvage places down here....so if you ever get the hankering to replace yours....

StuccoHouse said...

Well, there are 10 bungalows participating in this year's online tour (May 8th)....so, check back.

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