Friday, February 12, 2010

Register Covers

A couple of people commented on my last post asking if the heat register cover was original to my house. I thought I'd answer them in a separate post. Yes, the register cover is vintage. Yes, I believe it is originally from my house.

First I must tell you that both my bathroom and my upstairs were "updated" by a flipper before I bought the place.

The register grate in my bathroom when I first bought my house was this:

This grate is old, but you could tell it wasn't original to the bathroom because it was screwed flat against the wall.  By shadows on the bathroom hex floor tile, you could see that the original grate had rested on the floor.

So, one day I was goofing off upstairs and for some reason looked at the register cover on the wall.  Something about it was "off."  I took a closer look and realized that the vent screwed on the a register hole in the wall was originally meant to rest on the floor.

Ding. Ding.

Off came the vent cover upstairs and it was brought to the bathroom. The bathroom vent cover went upstairs. I have no idea if those were their original spots, but they both now fit perfectly.

The vent cover that is now in my bathroom was painted an ugly brown when I bought the house. I stripped off that paint and discovered a chromed plated vent cover in poor condition. I then had that rechromed (with a final coat in nickel)...and thats the vent you see in my bathroom today. A little work that paid off.

Side note: you can also see the original plastic (yes, plastic) white "baseboard" that I replaced with black ceramic a year or so before I started my blog


Northland Stories said...

In houses nowadays, they put in plastic vent covers. It's neat to see people putting so much time and money into their vent covers back in the day, we have some vent covers here that look like copper or brass, but they are painted over ... sigh ...

ChiLibrarian said...

I love how new and shiny and clean it looks now. I like how these smaller touches really make the room. BTW, love the pink! I was tempted by a bathroom during my house hunt that was aqua. The real estate agent thought I was nuts. It was fab!

StuccoHouse said...

Northland - Yea, those vintage registers have a lot of charm. This one was cast iron so it is going to last a long time. It actually was fairly easy to restore it. I put is in a dish of paint stripper & used a wire brush to get the paint off. Had a local guy rechrome it. Brass or copper would look great...and may not need to be refinished, just polished.

ChiLibrarian - Aqua would be fun too. I just love the color of vintage bathrooms.

Derek said...

That's a great looking grate. We have the kind like you have at the top, they had a brass plating that came off when I stripped them.

Amy said...

Wow. That looks beautiful! My house has the most bizarre vent covers I've ever seen, but I guess they were common in 1953. A lot of them are in bad shape and there are days I'm tempted to get them replaced with something new and boring. You are inspiring me to keep them and eventually get them fixed up.

jennakl said...

Love it! Btw - yesterday I just came across a pink tub, sink and toilet set at a local salvage yard here in Austin for $500 and thought of your bathroom!

David said...

I love the re-plated heat vent cover. Thank you for sharing. Can you approximate how much it cost to get it re-plated? The heat vent that is in my bathroom is the same design as the one that was in yours. I'd like to get it re-plated, but I don't want to take it to a shop only to find out that the price is going to be far more than I can pay.

StuccoHouse said...

David - Click on the label "replating" and I go through the charges. It was not overly expensive.

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