Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Restoration Humor

Santa brought me an electric fry pan. I've wanted one for years. I unwrapped the pan and was looking through the instruction manual and joked "Geez, now I don't really have to finish the Tappan."

Just for a second, I think my horrified mother thought she had inadvertently contributed yet another delay in getting the Tappan Deluxe stove up and running.

Everyone is anxious to see the stove out of my living room and into my kitchen.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Monica said...

Jim took down all the kitchen cabinet doors while we were tearing out a wall and doing the floors. All the dishes were exposed to dust.

We lived that way!

Really enjoy the blog.


Laikabear said...

I'm not sure I know what an electric frying pan is useful for (unless your stove is in your living room). Is it for temporary use or will you use it when the Tappan's done too?

I love that rug, btw! :)

StuccoHouse said...

Monica - Thanks :) It is a life style, isn't it?

Kaikabear - My mom and I make a bunch of different types of cabbage rolls & freeze them - so we have her stove, her electric pan & (now) mine going all at once. It's nice for things you would normally cook in the oven but are putzy (require lots of turning, etc.)...or cooking in small amounts (don't need to turn on the entire oven.) Ha, and when you live with your stove in your living room :)

Mike said...

When I student taught in rural Northwest Iowa I lived from my electric frying pan. It was a GE brand and was a lovely shade of turquoise. My specialty was stir fried vegetables (carrots and broccoli). I didn't have an oven but did have two burners. I'd make rice on the burner while I did the vegetables.

I also had a cast iron frying pan, which with a large pyrex bowl over the top was my popcorn popper...

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