Saturday, December 19, 2009

Filling the Rim Joists

Another small step in the name of weatherproofing. A few days ago, my dad came over and helped me put insulation into the spot where my basement rim joists meet the first level floor.

When I had my infrared energy audit done, this was one area the energy auditor pointed this out as an area that could use some work. The dark areas in the infrared photos is where heat loss is taking place. There was old insulation in some of the joist bays on one side of the house when I moved in. But as I've had electrical work done....and when they installed the glass block windows....even this insulation had been pulled out and tossed. The joist bays have a funky shape as the concrete basement walls were topped with a slanting pile of concrete.

I had been dreading doing this and kept putting it off. But, once we got started it was really pretty easy and only took a couple of hours.


Fred @ OPC said...

This is a good tip. We just had our basement spray foamed and filling the band boards up to the rim joist was key in sealing off air flow.

Ours was so bad that there was a draft coming up the stairs from the basement with a force. Ever since the foam, no draft.

I expect you'll see a good deal of energy improvement from this upgrade!

Todd - Home Construction Improvement said...

Nice job. Many people overlook the process of insulating their rim joist. There's no doubt you'll see a big improvement in your floor warmth! Another method that I recommend is insulating the rim joist with 2 inches of foam board. Then sealing around the joists and floor with spray foam from a can. Makes a very nice tight insulation for rim joists.

StuccoHouse said...

Fred - That spot will eventually get a 2 part foam spray. I still have some electrical work to do that affects that area...and another project in the works that I'll write about later. Nice to hear from someone that has seen results from that project.

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