Monday, October 19, 2009

Painted Red

Not much, but the new shelves for my chimney cabinet are now painted red. This is the same red that one day you will see below the chair rail in my kitchen.

I have the bulk of the old paint off of the chimney cabinet itself. But, since my last post on the topic things have become cold here and open window ventilation is no longer possible.  I have a fear of working with chemical stripper inside with my gravity furnace.

That said, I'm sure in a few weeks boredom, stupidity & ambition will drive me to come up with some way to get the remaining paint off of the cabinet. Of course, removing the tiny remains of paint in the crevices usually take the most time.

1 comment:

Katy said...

Ha - the crevices...I understand. The crevices in one of my tables is postponing it's finish until spring/summer when I get figure out how to get the last bits off. Good luck! Careful around your furnace!!

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