Sunday, October 04, 2009

The New Kitchen Light

As big of a hassle as it was to install, I am totally in love with my new kitchen ceiling light.  I finally got the thing installed and working this morning.

Because the light electrical box was kind of sunk into the plaster ceiling...and the ceiling tiles exacerbated this....I had originally installed an extender box.  But when the light was installed, this caused it to hang down 1/2 inch from the ceiling.

It finally dawned on me that a better approach would be to remove the extender box and use really long screws to attach the light to the existing box. School House Electric was kind enough to send me some longer screws.  It worked, the light sits flat against the ceiling with a tight and solid fit.

You can see the new cabinet in the background. I still need to paint half of the ceiling tiles - if you look closely you can see some of them to the far right are still white.

And just so you remember what the old light looked like.....


Leah@Storybook Ranch said...

What a cool light! Great job installing, electric & plumbing freak me out way too much to attempt myself.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I'd say that's a huge improvement. Love it!!

De-Blurker Kate said...

Love the new light! I can't wait to see the whole kitchen when you're finished. I really enjoy reading your blog.

Jenni said...

I have been coveting that light. So jealous.

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