Friday, October 09, 2009

In the Nick of Time

We have had two days of sun with temperatures on the 50's. So, I've had time to prime and paint my exterior kitchen wood trim. I stripped the trim down to bare wood, so the trim details are nice and crisp (not to mention lead free). I've included some close ups of the repaired rot.

You can see that I stripped the exterior paint off of the sashes (and sash channel) - I'll be removing this from the inside, reglazing them, repainting them, and putting in a new rope. But, that's a whole other project for another day.

It never ceases to surprise me at how yellow that paint it once it's on. It looks like a very light creamy yellow in the can (BM Barley).

I'm writing this post as I wait for the first coat to dry. Then it will get a second coat of paint. I also need to run down to the hardware store to buy some exterior plastic to put under the wood framed screens (not in these photos) I still don't have wood storms for these windows.

The final photo is what the trim originally looked like.  Ugh.

Snow is in the forcast for tomorrow.


MrBrownThumb said...

Hope the snow holds off so you can do your work. The color doesn't look that loud over the internets. Kind of a nice color, actually.

Park Avenue Bungalow said...

Great minds think alike - I have that color in my bathroom. You're right, it does seem a little yellower than expected, especially against lighter colors, such as white tile, but I quite like it as I've gotten used it. Congratulations on getting the window painting done - I only got my primed.

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