Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Sauerkraut That Wasn't

The little snot. And that it *not* the word I want to use, but this is a G-rated blog.

After I spent the entire summer watching over these four cabbage plants - protecting them from cabbage bugs & slugs. I even squished a few slugs with my bare hands to save those plants. This is how the Evil Squirrel behaves.

He had better not show his face to me any time soon or his time on this earth will be short.


Karen Anne said...

How do you protect them from slugs? I grew cabbage for the first time this year, and there were slugs inside the layers of leaves, aghh.

Karen Anne said...

I by coincidence ran across an entry in another blog I read about "cabbage split." It sure looks like your cabbage, and isn't a munching problem.

split cabbage

and scroll down to the Sept. 7th Cold Soup entry, or google cabbage split.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, sorry.

I didn't know that squirrels liked cabbage.

May be this is how they are trying to tell you that they would prefer some nuts - like peanuts. Cabbage is just a poor substitute.

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