Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Retraction

It appears that the Evil Squirrel may have been falsely accused of the cabbage incident.  New evidence has come to light that appears to exonorate him, and I am forced to retract my previous post's accusations.

Although, in my defense there was a lot of evidence that pointed directly to the squirrel. And his behavior in the past quickly moved him to the top of the list of usual suspects. Moments before I discovered the cabbage head in question, I saw the squirrel suspiciously close the to garden and could have sworn I saw a slight satisfied smirk. Also, every morning I open my front door to see a spilled pot of parsley & the flowers bitten off of my potted mums. Clearly this is a squirrel accustomed to behaving badly and without regard to the rules of common civilized living.

But as it turns out, a commenter to my previous post mentioned a little phenomenon called "split cabbage."  Karen Anne's comments in my previous post provide a link with a photo of someone else's split cabbage. I have to admit, she appears to be right.

I have been watching CSI for enough years to know that you have to follow the evidence.

As a result, all charges against the Evil Squirrel for this event have been dropped at this time. I retain the right to resurrect said charges if new evidence surfaces.

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NV said...

You and the Evil Squirrel are SO crackin' me up ...

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