Saturday, September 12, 2009

One Inch Short

I have the rest of my kitchen ceiling installed. I installed the bulk of it a few weeks ago when the new cabinet was going in.  The remaining pieces needed to be cut to size & put up....and to get motivated to do that took me a while. But, its up. Now the remaining tiles just need to be painted.

I was also able to get the ceiling electrical box ready for the new light.  I was all ready last weekend to install the ceiling light I purchased from Schoolhouse Electric.  I turned off the main electrical switch, crawled up the ladder with the light.....and realized the screws supplied with the lamp were way too short.

Easy peazy, I though. I'll just run to the hardware store and get two longer ones.  Four hardware stores later, it dawned on me that these screws were not going to be found locally (slotted, 2", nickel plated). So, I sent off a polite email to Schoolhouse Electric asking them if it was possible they had a couple of replacement screws I could buy....I referred them to my kitchen lighting post.

Well, they checked my blog post....and then promptly ignored my email. No response. Not a peep.

Weary sigh.

So, still no light in my kitchen.

UPDATE 9/15/09: Today I received a call from Schoolhouse Electric and they are sending me two screws. Yeah! I am very anxious to get that ceiling light up. All's well that ends well.


Karen Anne said...

Well, that's disappointing. I had them on my possible ordering from list. Maybe the screws are in the mail...

For what it's worth, I had email ignored a couple of times by Rejuvenation and when I finally phoned them they said they had been having email problems.

But Old California Lantern Co. has always been great.

I can't get the ceiling tile link to work...

Josh said...

I wonder if Lightworks would have the screws you need?

StuccoHouse said...

Karen Anne - I followed up on my original email & two screws are on their way. All's good with the world. They do have some very cool stuff you just can't find elsewhere (hand painted shades).

Josh - They were gone on an extended vacation.

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

I am having the opposite problem with my new front porch light. I put in a pancake box and now the fixture sits down about a 1/2" from the ceiling level. I am going to have to make a ring to "take up the slack" so to speak. Why do some thigns that seem so small simple end up beeing so confounding?

StuccoHouse said...

Tiny Oak - I actually ended up taking out the extender yours it was 1/2" too long. I decided to use two really long screws to attach it to the existing sunken box (see my more recent post on my hunt for two nickel screws).

Add that to the list of things someone needs to produce....varying size electric extender boxes. Why is there not a 1/2" extender?

Richard said...

Glad to see they came through as I've hadd nothing but positive experience with Schoolhouse Electric!


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