Wednesday, August 05, 2009

CSA - Take Two

We joined a CSA again this year. We were gun shy after our "series of unfortunate CSA events" last year. But, we found a new CSA that provided quite a few more boxes at half the price of our previous farm. So, we put aside our reservations & joined.

We are now on box 10. I waited this long to post to make absolutely sure we liked our new arrangement.

We really do.

Eener's Farm.

Our boxes have been solid, fresh and usable. We like the personable feeling of the newsletters and their entertaining farm blog. We are definitely getting our money's worth this year. Best of all, no one has been reprimanded yet ;-)

This week's box: Pie apples (enough for an actual tart), yellow onion, squash, summer savory, swiss chard, green peppers and carrots.

We have a half-share (22 boxes).

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