Sunday, August 02, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I haven't written about the Tappan Deluxe restoration lately. It has been continuing behind the scenes. Over the past few months I have been able to track down two missing parts.

The first was a replacement for a stove burner flash valve. It the little valve that carries the gas from the manifold to the burner & creates the pilot light for the burners. The original had a stripped screw hole. The photo shows the old (dull) and the replacement (shiny).

The next part was a small brown knob that was totally missing from my stove when I bought it. I knew what was supposed to be there after saving countless photos from folks selling stoves on Ebay.

I was lucky enough to locate a guy who was dismantling (RIP) a Tappan Deluxe & selling the parts. I sent of an email with photo asking him if he had the needed part. He did. On my stove, this bottom knob is used to turn the oven light on & off.

As an aside for others restoring stoves, this same brown knob can be found under the stove top to control the Visiguide. I believe they are interchangeable.

I *still* have to order new insulation, burner valve cream, and one burner knob. Then it's pretty much a matter of putting it all back together again.


billkelleyphotography said...

I am currently restoring the same stove.
What is the on off black knob on the right under the tappan knob and the oven knob?

StuccoHouse said...

Bill - The brown knob at the bottom is to turn on the oven. The purpose of the bottom knob differs depending on what series/yr of Tappan you have.

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