Monday, July 13, 2009


After working on it for two full days, I don't have the will to write anything more than....the kitchen ceiling is going up, and the hideous white ceiling light is forever gone.


NV said...

Heeeeeey, lookin' great! Take it from one who can completely appreciate the slow-goin' aspect of the job. You'll be SO glad you did ... really! I still find myself stopping in my tracks every few times I walk in the kitchen.

Jennifer said...

I love the pattern you chose for the ceiling! Your kitchen is going to look fabulous when you are done.

StuccoHouse said...

NV - I swear, this task uses muscles that I have never used before. I was freaking exhausted. I have caught myself admiring it though...and it's not even painted yet.

Jennifer - Thanks! I have my fingers crossed :-)

Lauren said...

Same ceiling tiles I put up in our kitchen! I used paintable caulk to seal the seams between tiles, and painted them metallic gold. They looked really nice white too.

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