Monday, July 13, 2009

A Snag

I've run into a tiny snag in the kitchen ceiling installation. I'm replacing the light in the center of the room. I know the the electrical in the kitchen is new-ish, so I thought for sure all I'd have to do was pull down the old light & put up the new.

Small snag.

The electrical box was evidently installed before the furring & old ceiling tile was. With the old light, this didn't matter as it was loosely screwed in with really long screws. However, unless I want the base of my new light to buried below the level of the new ceiling tile...changes need to be made.

I'm sure this is a pretty easy job. But, I once had an electrician tell me the story of how his boss was electrocuted to death in front of him. This made a big impression on me. Good grief, if an electrician can kill himself...imagine what I am capable of.

I need to have an outlet added and one moved anyway. So, an electrician will be called. In the meantime, I'm finishing off the ceiling in the corner where the new cabinet will be installed (shortly).


Jennifer said...

I have a big list of tiny little jobs for an electrician... I figure one day I'll call one and have them all done for me in one fell swoop!

Kathy from NJ said...

As this will not be an emergency call, please take time going through the entire house, inside and out, looking for other electrical jobs. In NJ we pay an hourly rate +parts with a minimum of one hour. I recently had a plumber to repair a leak under the sink (cracked brass fitting) - it took 10 minutes to replace the fitting but I paid for an hour of labor. If it had not been what I consider an emergency I would have had several other items done during the same call.

NV said...

Glad you're calling in the cavalry! Electricity is one of the things I won't chance either.

Anonymous said...

They make extension rings that look like your box wothout backs for this situation.

StuccoHouse said...

Huh, headleamur - So right you are! Picked one up & fixed it myself :-) Thanks for the tip!

I mentioned this to my dad and he said "Oh yea, I told that that they mode those a few weeks ago." Guess I needed to see it in print.

One comical little side note - you know you are in trouble when you go to HD & you know more than the sales person (even with my hardly existent understanding of electrical).

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