Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Installed & Unstained

I'm going to break the photos of my new kitchen cabinet into a few different posts.

First, the cabinet installed unstained.

It's odd taking photos in the room filled with amber shellac. The photos take on an odd orangy glow. If you use flash, the color looks too bright.

It took John, the carpenter from Scheftel Construction, most of the day to install the cabinet. Keep in mind that the floors are not even and the plaster is far from flat. It took no small amount of finessing to get the cabinet in, square & well fitting - all without punching a hole in the new ceiling tile.

I'm trying to leave a bit of a "story" for future owners, so I left a note where the old stove vent hole was to tell them I patched the hole with concrete and covered with plaster. I asked John if he would sign the back of the cabinet. I've also been putting the date on the back of the baseboard I'm restoring. I'll put a copy of the original drawing on the top before the crown moulding gets installed. I figure we'll give some bungalow restoration geek in the future a little thrill.


Josh said...

That cabinet looks amazing! I hope it's a long long while before anyone has reason to see the story pieces you're hiding there.

Karen Anne said...

Is that a flour bin? It's hard to tell the size. Do I miss having a flour bin!

I would have loved finding notes from previous owners. (What was that uneven place on the kitchen wall from...what did the original kitchen look like...) I think every house should have a house log with photos, you could even see the remuddling progress.

StuccoHouse said...

Josh - Well, it won't be moved as long as I live here, but I guess you never know.

Karen Anne - if you hit the "kitchen" tag at the bottom of the post you will get the full back-story. Short answers - the bin copies a mini-flour bin that was in my previous house. I probably will use it to store coffee. The patched spot is the original stove vent. There's a link in the post to the rest of my kitchen - this is the only corner that isn't vintage. This cabinet replaces an original that was removed somewhere along the way. With the exception that this cabinet runs to the ceiling & the old didn't, this cabinet fits into the footprint of the old.

Let's hope this work doesn't qualify as "remuddling."

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