Friday, July 03, 2009

Coming Together

Things in the kitchen are starting to come together.

Today I picked up the paint for the ceiling. It is a lighter version of the same vintage green color I have on my dining room walls. I'm embarassed to admit that I spent a lot of time looking at paint chips to match my wallpaper before I realized that I already had a green that would work. I wanted a very light green for the ceiling as the wood, wallpaper and red paint are pretty dark. I also am trying to avoid a whole "Christmas" color theme.

For some reason it's always a big fat challenge for me to get paint custom colored. The current dining room paint is a Sherwin Williams color. I prefer Benjamin Moore paint. On top of this, I wanted a 25% tint for the ceiling.

Went to paint store "A" (who I know mixes custom colors) and I told the guy what I wanted. He looked at me like I was an idiot talking gibberish when I asked for a lighter ceiling tint. Then like I asked him to make paint out of lemonade when I told him I wanted to match the color. Then he got all condecending and explained in slow words that SW & BM were different paint companies.


I took my paint chip from his hand...told him I was going to think about it. I then got back in my car and drove clear across town to Hirshfields, where they took my chip, listened to what I wanted, gave me helpful suggestions & mixed my BM paint. Next time I have to remember to go directly to Hirshfields...or at least wait for one of the full-time guys at store "A."

In the photo, the ceiling tile is painted with the final color on the left..and the dining room green on the right.

The shine on the shellacked trim on the photo needs to be knocked down to a semi-gloss finish, but you get the idea.

The vintage red paint chip is for the wall below the chair rail (currently being stripped of paint so you can more clearly see the scored plaster). I waffle on this color...but always come back to it....we'll see how it goes.

And there's the wallpaper for above the chair rail.


Lauren said...

We have the origial green scored plaster hidden under cabinets and paneling. Maybe your ceiling color would also be nice on the scored plaster if the red doesn't work for you.

NV said...

I think it’s going to look fabulous! Really like your color scheme. And if you love your new ceiling half as much as I do ours, you’ll be thrilled with yours, too. It’s still amazing to me how much of a difference it makes.

I’m looking so forward to the day when I can say things are “coming together” in the kitchen. Right now, they just seem to be relocating to all other parts of the house or – as in the case of the appliances at least – in the middle of the room.

Cynthia said...

I like the colors... the amber stained wood looks lovely with the vintage green.
Curious to see how this will look together in the finished project.

StuccoHouse said...

Lauren - I really like the scored plaster. You don't see that in new houses. Good idea about the green.

NV - Lol...well "coming together" may have been a but premature :-)

Cynthia - Thanks. I'm curious too!

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