Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Shade of Green

I may have posted pictures of these when I first bought them a few years ago (okay, 5 years ago). But, here you go again. Photos of the lights going up in my kitchen.

I made one little discovery the other day. For some reason when I ordered the lights for over the sink (the double) and for the wall, I forgot to have a switch/chain added as these are not connected to the light switch. So, I think I'm going to bring them to LightWorks Lighting to have them added.

Fingers crossed that when I remove the current sink & wall light, I find updated wiring (I did in the ceiling).


Jayne said...

Love those lights! I hope you find updated wiring, too. It makes replacing light fixtures much easier.

Karen Anne said...

What attractive lights.

Five years, okay, I'm feeling a bit better about some of my projects :-)

Josh said...

Those are really great lights. Are they from Schoolhouse Electric?

Jennifer said...

I LOVE those fixtures! Fingers crossed for updated wiring.

Anonymous said...

Like Josh, I was going to ask if they were from Schoolhouse. I love what you've chosen; in fact, this was the style (and color, too!) that I have pegged for my kitchen light replacement. I'm curious if you've found them somewhere else (for possibly less $$).

StuccoHouse said...

Jayne - Thanks!

Karen Anne - Oh, it gets a lot worse than 5 yrs. This is one of my fast ones ;-)

Josh -They are.

Jennifer - Thanks!

Bungalowbliis - That are Schoolhouse. There is a local place LightWorks Lighting that can make the same fixture for a little less - I discovered them later. But, I bit the bullet. You'll have to post pics. when you get, we can see what we each ended up doing w/ same fixtures.

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