Thursday, June 11, 2009

Disappearing Act.

The stove vent hole as it stands today. And how it looked originally. I'm rather proud of my handiwork.


NV said...

As you should be! Looks good.

Jennifer said...

Nice! That is a beautiful patch. Will it be hidden by the cabinet?

StuccoHouse said...

Thanks :-) Concrete to fill the hole & then plaster to finish. It will be covered by the new cabinet when it's all said & done....but I'll know it's patched.

Josh said...

Nothing up my sleeve... presto!

Nice work!

kim said...

Hello Ms StuccoHouse,
I've been following your projects for a few months now. I live in the San Francisco area and bought a 1937 bungalow a few years ago. I have not done very much work on it, but you are inspiring me! My husband wants to replace the original windows and I would rather not, so I bought the Working Windows book. Now the question is what the heck is going on with my windows? If you wouldn't mind, would you look at my flikr set? I don't seem to have any pullys.... Help!

StuccoHouse said...

Josh - Thanks!

Kim - I took a look at your windows. They look to be in really good condition. If it were me, I'd really try to restore them. You will not get anywhere near the same quality as old growth wood windows in today's replacement windows. They take a little time & effort to restore, but it's not difficult or expensive work. Working on my windows has been one of the most rewarding projects for me (I still have a lot of them left to work on).

The guy across the street from my house pulled out his vintage wood windows & siding & replaced them w/ vinyl. The look of the whole house has changed. Truth me told I get sad whenever I see it. And he'll probably be replacing them again w/i 10 yrs. I fully expect my restored windows to last another 80+ yrs.

Ok, here are my thoughts:

1) I can't figure out why there wouldn't be a top pulley. It looks like that plate by the lower sash is the weight cover. I would totally take off the bottom sash and see what's behind the plate. On my windows that spot is covered by a little removable board. You have me money is on a abandoned weight down there. Do the windows stay open by themselves or do you have to prop them open?

2) That hardware would clean right up if you boil it in water w/ a little baking soda. The paint will peel right off...and then you can polish...and top off w/ a little oil. That's the first thing I'd do :-)

3) The little groove on the side is weatherstripping. I have the same stuff in my dining room windows.

I will be working on & off on more of my windows in a month or so. Feel free to email me at stuccohouse @ aol dot com ...I'd love to know what you find behind that plate!

And thanks for following my blog :-)

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