Friday, May 08, 2009

Twin Cities Bungalow Club Tour

Damn. The Twin Cities Bungalow Club Tour is canceled this year. I'm going to miss it.  It's always fun to go through other people's houses to get ideas.

For those of you also going through withdrawl, I'm going to  try a little experiment.

Here's a link to another Minneapolis/St. Paul Bungalow blog to "tour": Bungalow 23

And another great Iowa bungalow restoration blog to "tour": Foxcroft

Let's see if we can get them to link to some more old house/bungalow blogs for us to follow.

UPDATE: Ha, well my fellow bloggers have not disappointed!  Both Bunglaow 23 & Foxcroft have risen to the occassion with excellent entries for our little virtual tour.....and more tour recommendations for you to follow.

Be sure to post comments of encouragement to the bloggers, so we can keep this little tour going as long as possible :-) And remember I kind of surprised everyone with this, so give the blogs a chance to put up their tour suggestions...

Now, I am shamed by their excellent posts to update my tour entry.

Stuccohouse was build in 1924.  It was built as a typical middle class bungalow.  I bought the house in 2002 and started blogging in 2004.

This post will give you a short introduction to my adventures. One of my favorite projects has been restoring my vintage, old-growth, double hung windows.  One of the things I most appreciate in my house is a built in buffet. I'm currently restoring my vintage kitchen & an old Tappan Deluxe stove.

Please feel free to browse the rest of my old posts, ask questions and post comments!


Josh said...

Fun idea, Stuccohouse! I'll put up a post pointing to another local "tour stop" soon.

Mike said...


I'll get some links up too. This could be good!


Josh said...

My post is up! Tagged 1928 Northrop Bungalow. Thanks for getting the ball rolling.

P.S. I saw a Tappan Deluxe in what looked like very good condition on craigslist for $75 the other day and was sorely tempted to get it thinking I could mooch your expertise. I am really enjoying/envying your stove thread.

StuccoHouse said...

WOW, you guys did a great job! This should be fun :-)

Josh - Haha....maybe I could give Com. Ed classes on restoring a Tappan. $75 is a pretty good deal!

Sandy said...

I think your idea is wonderful! I always enjoy visiting your spots on a regular basis and it was just made easier because all I have to do is follow from one link to the other instead of going back to my favorites and doing it one at a time from there!

Black Dog's Photographer said...

I love the homeblog tour idea. What a great way for a newbie to get ideas, thanks!

StuccoHouse said...

Ok, that was kind of fun. Next year, I'll start earlier & try to get more bungalows involved....and give everyone a change to prepare.

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