Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One Step Closer

Like the mason last week, I also managed to find a "oh, you could so do this yourself" stove guy.

I finally located a stove guy who was willing to take a look at the vintage Tappan Deluxe.  I had hoped to have him rewire the stove while it was still partially dissembled...and then make plans to have him calibrate the burners & thermostat later.

Well, before I knew what had happened.....he had determined that the wiring was fine.

He had explained to me how to set the thermostat.

He told me how to get the old gas line off. I had been trying to do this for months. I have no idea why it worked after he gave me instructions, but the old line is off.

He had also immediately uncovered the mystery of the knob on the "control panel" below the oven on/off switch (the lowest in the photo - missing a knob)....combined with the box behind it.

It is an oven light switch that turns the light on when the oven closes.  It had become crooked over the years because it is missing an anchor screw. It was never hooked up because the oven light socket had never been installed. Never in a million years would I have figured that out myself. 

And he had shown me how to adjust the top burner flame.  Also explaining to me how to remove the top burner valve "spud" and clean it.  In the photo, you see a little brass nut (spud) at the end of the valve.  All four of these were once solid black. I thought they were painted black. Turns out they were dirty (I left the top one dirty in the photo). When I polished them as instructed, they turned out to be solid brass.  A little more cleaning of the burner valves & the valve handles is in order, I guess.

I had to kind of laugh to myself when I asked him if he liked working on older stoves. He told me no because "there was no money in it." I could have blown his mind by showing him some of the stove restoration shops out west where $5,000 buys you a mid-range restored stove ;-)


Christopher Busta-Peck said...

It is hard to find people who want to work on these things, even when you have the money on hand. I would've paid up to the cost of a replacement stove to get my old stove working, but couldn't find anyone willing to do it. As a result, I have an older, more interesting replacement.

NV said...

Hooray for the new OLD stove!

Anonymous said...

Will you be able to add the oven light socket that was never installed? I kinda like that little convenience in an oven.

I am in awe of you or anyone taking on that sort of job - I would misplace the most critical piece and not realize it was missing until it was all back together and not working!

Can't wait until you have your "new" kitchen all together. I'm thinking the virtual invite to share the unveiling will be as exciting as being there in person.

I love all you've done with your house - you should be very proud.

Orlando, FL

William said...

Looking great! I really hope that you don't inspire me to take on a similar project!! I have too many to finish as it is :)

StuccoHouse said...

Christopher - I tell them I have an "older" stove....they listen longer than if I say "vintage." I'm not sure why there is such fear, the gas stoves are pretty simple. Parts are available now too.

NV - Ditto from me.

Cheryl - I will - he showed me how & it's pretty simple. I may have to operate it with the knob instead of by shutting the over door, but thats ok. I just need to get my act together & order one. Lol....I will do an unveiling once I have it all done, but there still is wallpapering, light installation, and I have a few other tricks up my sleeve that I haven't talked about yet.

William - I'm going to make a point of making the stove resto a lot more fun & exciting in my posts....to lure others into doing it. I'd love to have more folks in the process to exchange notes with.

Anonymous said...

Cool - so your old stove will be "new & improved" with the addition of the oven light!

I'm waiting very patiently for the unveiling - I know you have a lot of little projects that make up the big one and we've only seen part of it. But what we've seen has me drooling for more.

I'm sure it is going to be wonderful - as is the rest of your house - I'll continue to wait patiently.

Orlando, FL

Park Avenue Bungalow said...

Will you share the name of the stove guy for those of us in the Twin Cities? I have an early 30's Favorite stove that needs a bit of restoration. At least I can cook on 3 of the 4 burners, though I have almost singed my eyebrows off lighting the broiler!

StuccoHouse said...

Cheryl - It's slow going. More posts on how work is progressing shortly.

Park Ave - I asked this guy if he would like referrals from people w/ old stoves & unfortunately he said nope. That said, I did discover that Minnegasco/Excel will work on vintage stoves (of course, I was talking to them about a 1948 stove). A stove is a stove is a stove to them. As they explained it to me, if the stove is connected to the gas and you belong to their monthly service plan, they can work on it. Their only catch is that they can't always get parts...but they will work with parts you can supply..

The Old Appliance Club http://www.antiquestoves.com/toac/stoveparts.htm sells new, used and rebuilt parts. They also are willing to take calls. I suspect my thermostat will need to be serviced...and I'll eventually add a safety....and this is the place I intend to use.

The second place I'm aware of is Antique Gas Stoves http://www.antiquegasstoves.com/pages/parts.html they also have parts...and their website is pretty helpful.

Hope this helps.

Heidi S said...

Would you be willing to post a name and phone number for your stove guy? I have a Tappan too - and I'd really like to find someone local here in St. Paul. Thanks!

Heidi S said...

Sorry - just realized you already answered my question!

StuccoHouse said...

Heidi - I also have a two old Owners Manuals for a Tappan Deluxe. Depending on what you need, I could email you some pages out of them.

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