Friday, May 22, 2009

Dark and Dusty

It's been one of those weeks where I long to have one of those design blogs where I get to post bright & shiny pictures and agonize over where my freshly cut flowers will be placed (although I do have lilacs in the house).

Alas, I have a restoration blog. My pictures are dark & dusty...and so am I.

I finally got the hole in the plaster of my kitchen ceiling filled in.  This is not a pretty fix. It's purely functional.  

I wanted to repair the hole, but it will ultimately be covered with ceiling tiles.  If a future owner decides to remove the tiles & the furring (added by a PO), they will need to completely redo the plaster.  So, it didn't make a lot of sense for me to agonize over getting the finish coat all smooth & pretty.

I will admit, though, it was a tiny bit hard for me not to make it perfectly smooth.

I also went out and bought the tin-type tiles.  I'm still fine with this decision (even I am kind of surprised by this).  They do contradict my old house purist sensabilities. But, I also figure they are a reasonable solution and "do no harm." I will be making the kitchen ceiling better than it was...and will not be adding any additional work if a future owner wants to fully restore. Besides, I think they are cute.

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NV said...

Sounds like we have similar future activities planned! I looked at the Armstrong tiles but decided that I had enough space to cover to go after 2x4 unpainted ones instead and paint them ourselves. (Twice as much material for little more than half the price.) Plus, bigger pieces should make quicker work ... I hope. :-)

Good luck with yours!

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